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Cable Management Box, S
Cable Management Box, L
Cable Management Box, L
Flexible Cable Routing with Adjustable Length
Cable Management Box, S
Flexible Cable Tube with Hook and Loop Fastener
Flexible Cable Tube with a Pulling Aid, 5 m
Flexible Cable Routing with Adjustable Length
Modular Patch Panel, 12-port
1-Port USB 2.0 Multifunction Network Server
Optički multimodni prespojni kabel, LC / LC
USB Telephone Handset
Prespojni kabel, Kat.6 S/ FTP, 5 jedinica
Plug&View Network Video Recorder, 2TB HDD
Home Automation Wall Mounting Cabinet
Splice cassette with 12 pigtails, pre-assembled, SC, OM4
DisplayPort Adapter Cable, DP - HDMI type A
Gigabit PoE Mode Converter
USB connection cable
Plinth for Unique Network- & Dynamic Basic Network- and Server Cabinets - 600x1200 mm (WxD)
Modular console with 19" TFT (48,3cm), 16-port Cat.5 KVM & Touchpad, US keyboard
USB 2.0 connection cable
Optički multimodni prespojni kabel, LC / LC
USB Type-C™ 4in1 Multiport Video Converter
Optički multimodni prespojni kabel, ST / SC
L-Support Sliding Rails for 483 mm (19") Server Cabinets
Plug&View Network Video Recorder, 1TB HDD
Top or base closing panel for patch brackets
Prespojni kabel, Kat.6A S/FTP, PUR (TPU)
HDMI High Speed connection cable with Ethernet and signal amplifier
Prespojni kabel, Kat.6 U/UTP, tanki
ST / ST Coupler, Simplex, Singlemode
Fast Ethernet PoE+ Repeater with 1-port 10/100Mbps in and 2-port 10/100Mbps out
Prespojni kabel, Kat. 6 S/FTP
USB 2.0 7-Port Hub
Prespojni kabel, Kat.6 S/ FTP, 5 jedinica
Optički singlemodni prespojni kabel, LC (APC) / LC
ST / ST Simplex Coupler, Simplex, Multimode
Firewire 800 (1394b) PCIe Card
VGA UTP Extender, Receiver Unit
Shelve for Network and Server cabinets
SFP+ 10G 2m DAC cable
LSH prespojni kabel
2-Port VGA UTP Extender
Roof Ventilation Unit for 483 mm (19") Wall Mounting Cabinets
Plug&View Network Video Recorder
Surge Protection Adapter
HDMI Extender Splitter Set, 1x4
Bluetooth® 4.0 Tiny USB Adapter
Prespojni kabel, Kat.6 U/UTP, tanki
Modular console with 17" TFT (43,2cm), 16-port. Cat.5 KVM & Touchpad, french keyboard
4K Mini DisplayPort - DisplayPort Splitter, 1x2
USB 3.0 Gigabit SFP Network Adapter
USB Type-C™ audio adapter cable, Type-C™ to 3.5mm stereo
4K HDMI KVM Extender Set, HDBaseT™, 4K/30Hz
HP-HPE compatible mini GBIC (SFP) Module, 1.25 Gbps, 0.55 Km
Home automation wall mounting cabinet
CPU Cooler Accessories
USB 2.0 connection cable
Wireless HDMI® Extender / Splitter Set, 100 m
Gigabit PoE++ Splitter, 802.3bt
PoE Ultra Injector, 802.3at, 60 Watt
USB Type-C™ connection cable, Type-C™ to A
Wireless LAN Coaxial Cable CFD200 - low loss
Modular console with 17" TFT (43,2cm), 1-port KVM & Touchpad, russian keyboard
Home Automation Wall Mounting Cabinet
Gigabit PoE af Splitter, 10/100/1000 Mbps, 12W
HDMI – DVI Adapter Cable, Pack of 10 pcs
HDMI Video Extender over CAT 5 / IP with IR function
CAT 6A Class EA Network Outlet, Design-Compatible, Shielded, Flush Mount
SFP+ 10G 10m DAC cable

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NAGLASCI - naša preporuka

Gigabit konverter medija, RJ45 / SC
USB to serial adapter
Prespojni kabel Kat.6 S/FTP
CAT 6A Keystone Module, shielded, toolfree
Din Rail Distribution Box
CAT 6 wall outlet, flush mount
Universal Car Notebook Charger, 90W
Kabel za napajanje
Modularni mikroutikači za okrugli kabel
Line-Interactive UPS, 2000 VA/1200 W
USB Telephone Handset
USB Type-C™ 4K HDMI Multiport Adapter, 3-Port
4K HDMI Matrix Switch (4x2) with Audio Extractor
LC / LC spojnica (interkonektor), multimode
Micro-HDMI to VGA converter
Passive PoE cable kit
Bluetooth® 4.0 Tiny USB Adapter
Mobile laptop stand
Optički multimodni prespojni kabel, OM3, LC / LC
Roof Ventilation Unit for 483 mm (19") Wall Mounting Cabinets
Cable Management Box, S
Blank Panel for 483 mm (19") Cabinets
Zidni komunikacijski ormar Dynamic Basic - 600x450 mm (ŠxD)
USB Type-C™ Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Datatransfer extension cable, D-Sub9/M - D-Sub9/F
Slijepa pločica za optiku
Gigabit PoE Injector, 802.3af
DVI kabel
SFP+ 10G 2m DAC cable
USB 3.0 Sharing Switch
Flat telefonski instalacijski kabel
FireWire 400 Connection Cable
Electric height-adjustable stand/ sit desk frame, 90° angle-shaped (L-shaped)
CAT 6A modular couplers, shielded
Universal single monitor clamp mount
pigtail-ovi u boji, SC(APC) OS2 09/125 µ, simpleks
VESA Adapter Kit for iMac and Apple displays
Gigabit konverter medija, RJ45 / SC
Optički multimodni prespojni kabel, OM3, LC / LC
Universal Dual Desktop Monitor Mount with gas spring and clamp mount
Aluminijski naponski panel sa sklopkom, sa 7 sigurnosnih utičnica, 2 m kabela i utikačem
HDMI Matrix Switch, 4 x 2-Port
Wireless LAN Coaxial Cable CFD200 - low loss
HDMI High Speed with Ethernet Connection Cable
Instalacijski kabel za vanjsku/unutarnju uporabu A/I-DQ (ZN) BH 50/ 125 µ, OM4, 12 niti, CPR Dca, LSZH-1
Universal LED/LCD Monitor Stand with gas spring
4K HDMI Splitter, 1x8
2-Port Serial Interface Card, PCIe
Kat. 6, klasa E, zidna, N/Ž utičnica, oklopljena
Optički multimodni prespojni kabel, LC / LC
Krovna ventilatorska jedinica za Unique i Dynamic Basic komunikacijske ormare te serverske ormare
mini GBIC (SFP) modul, 1,25 Gbps, 20km
Modularni prespojni panel, 24 portni
Fast Ethernet PoE + VDSL Extender set - over 500m
Wall Mounting Patch Bracket for 483 mm (19") Installations
Automatic HDMI Switch, 2-Port
Industrial 5-Port Gigabit Switch
VGA - HDMI Converter
Digital-to-analog audio converter
SATA connection cable
Unique komunikacijski ormar - 800x800 mm (ŠxD)
Universal Dual Monitor Stand with clamp mount
Keystone utični modul Kat. 6, neoklopljeni
SATA connection cable

DIGITUS® - Your brand for sustainable technology
Are you looking for high-quality products that can be cleverly combined? DIGITUS® offers you a large selection of trend-setting technology with first-class quality and best price-performance ratio directly in the shop. For more than 25 years, our brand has been offering an excellent range of network, IT and building technology products as well as sophisticated office and AV solutions from a single source. Thanks to our modern logistics centre, we can deliver the desired products quickly and conveniently directly to the desired address - worldwide.

A wide range that speaks the same language
DIGITUS® stands for its sophisticated product portfolio that promises high compatibility. You will find all our products with numerous additional information and technical details to help you make the right choice.

Network and server cabinets
Whether free-standing or wall-mounted - DIGITUS® offers you stable network cabinets and server racks in various sizes as well as the appropriate accessories so that you can implement your network technology according to your requirements.

Copper network technology
Copper cabling is the technology of choice for connecting workstations to your communication network. Using copper components for the horizontal cabling section also offers the advantage of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability. Discover our cabling components and the appropriate accessories for your tertiary cabling.

Fibre optic network technology
By default, vertical fiber optic cabling is the best way to connect servers and other IT equipment to form the backbone of the network. Fibre optic technology is widely used when long distance transmission with higher bandwidths (data rates) is required. For an optimized solution, combine the laying cables from DIGITUS® with our splice boxes and multimode patch cables.
Active network components
Find switches, converters, cards, adapters and much more for your active cabling. DIGITUS® offers the right accessories for expanding your Power-over-Ethernet technology, such as PoE splitters, PoE injectors and PoE extenders.

Cables and adapters
The right connector for all cases. DIGITUS® distributes a wide range of products for video, audio and USB applications, for power supply and connection of various devices. A highlight: Our USB type-C™ range. For the interface of the future, we offer various data, charging and adapter cables as well as docking stations with up to 12 different ports.

Video and Audio
Extenders, converters, splitters, mattresses and co. for your AV solution can be easily found in our DIGITUS® online shop. Our extenders enable signal transmission via many technologies, such as HDBaseT, IP and fibre optics as well as wireless or CAT cable. With our range you can transmit high-resolution multimedia signals over long distances without any loss of quality.

Ergonomic workplace design is the key to greater well-being and consistent performance. That's why DIGITUS® has developed the ideal equipment for companies to equip workstations ergonomically - from height-adjustable desk frames to practical monitor holders, monitor elevations and useful cable management tools. 

Computer and office accessories
In the DIGITUS® Shop you will find smart equipment for your peripheral devices. This includes USB and WLAN components, IO cards, network servers and print servers as well as accessories for notebooks and hard drives. Various mounting accessories, input devices, document shredders and laminators complete the range.