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DIGITUS Industrial Network Cabinet, Indoor, IP55

Broj artikla: DN-19 42U-I-6/8-1
EAN: 4016032382836

42U network rack indoor IP55 2100x600x800, incl. plinth, grey (RAL 7035)

  • Safety class IP55 against dust & water ingress acc. to IEC EN60529
  • IK10 mechanical impact resistance acc. to IEC EN62262
  • 4 point locking system on front- & rear door
  • incl. already mounted plinth


The 483 mm (19") industrial cabinets are protected against dust and water ingress acc. to safety level IP55 (IEC EN 60529) to offer optimized conditions for the user friendly installation of active- and passive network components accompanied by a neat cable management in an industrial area. The color is created by a 70-90 µ strong powder coating in color grey (RAL 7035) with an adhesion capability acc. to EN ISO 2409: Class 0 to 1. An additional implemented 500 hours salt spray resistance test affirms the possible operating temperature range from -25 °C up to +70 °C. The inside mounted 483 mm (19”) profile rails (two pairs = 4 pieces) are galvanized and with height unit marking (countable from both directions). They are variable in depth and connected with additional depth support bars to realize extensive 483 mm (19”) equipment installations. Furthermore there is an rotary profile hole structure inside. Each cabinet is equipped with a plinth (100 mm height) which offers additional space for cabling. The base of each cabinet is equipped with a sliding cable entry panel with rubber sealing as well as five PG cable screw inlets (4x PG21 + 1x PG48). An extensive portfolio of accessories for cable management, shelves, etc. will help to meet many requirements in daily use.

Tehnički detalji

  • Front door with complete metal frame and 4 mm strong tempered glass
  • Closed steel rear door with filtered air inlet (250x250 mm)
  • Door structure is produced with multiple bending to obtain rigidity and strength
  • Special gasketing system between metal frame and profile system made out of PUR (Polyurethane)
  • Side panels with special fixing via countersunk bolt
  • 130° door opening angle
  • 1.5 - 2.0 mm strong steel sheet
  • Corner parts made out of E-160 material with aluminum injection molding, high resistance against corrosion
  • Profile hole structure rotary inside
  • 483 mm (19“) profile rails mounted on the front- and rear side inside of the rack, galvanized
  • 483 mm (19“) profile rails are adjustable in depth and with height unit marking
  • Base chassis is equipped with sliding cable entry mechanism & PG cable entries (1x PG 48, 4x PG 21)
  • Profiles produced with DIN EN10142-2000 DX51 D+Z material provide high resistance against corrosion
  • Roof with screwed visual cover panel for lifting eye bolts
  • Equipment mounting depth min.-max.: 160-660 mm
  • Cabinet type: Industrial cabinet
  • Color: light grey, RAL 7035
  • Depth: 800 mm
  • Front door: Glass door
  • Load capacity: 1500
  • Units: 42
  • Width: 600
  • IP protection class: IP55
  • Mounted: Ne


Tehnička dokumentacija


Jedinica pakiranja (vanjska) 1 136,00 85,00 65,00 215,00 1.187.875,00
Jedinica pakiranja (unutarnja) 1 136,00 85,00 65,00 215,00 1.187.875,00
Jedinica pakiranja (pojedinačna) 1 136,00 85,00 65,00 215,00 1.187.875,00
Carisnki tarifni broj: 9403208000


DN-97610 polica fiksna 2U, 450mm, RAL 7035 88x482x349 mm, up to 25 kg, grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 TRAY-2-600
DN-19-TRAY-2-600 POLICA IZVLAČIVA 40x485x368 mm, up to 25 kg, grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19-TRAY-1-800 POLICA FIKS.-D 44x482x500 mm, adjust. 500-700 mm depth, grey
DN-19-TRAY-1-400 POLICA FIKS.-D 44x482x399 mm, up to 15 kg, grey (RAL 7035)
POLICA 19" 1H 250 mm Ral:7035 45x483x250 mm, up to 15 kg, grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 TRAY-2-55
DN-19-TRAY-2-55 POLICA FIKS 2U 549 mm. RAL 7035 nosivost 25 kg
DN-19-TRAY-1-600 H.LOAD 50Kg 44x482x350 mm, adjust. 350-550 mm depth, grey
DN-19 TRAY-2-800
DN-19-TRAY-2-800 POLICA IZVL.-D 40x484x568 mm, up to 25 kg, grey (RAL 7035)
2U extendib. shelf for cabinets from 450 mm depth 88x483x352 mm, up to 30 kg, grey (RAL 7035)
Rješenja za ranžiraje kabela
WMA 40x60 1-str.1U 19" sa 5 prstena siva (RAL 7035 5x cable rings 40x60 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 ORG-2U
WMA 80×80 2U 1-STR 5x cable rings 85x60 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 ORG-1 (SET)
PRSTEN VERTIKALNI DN-19 ORG-1 50x48mm 10 pieces, color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 ORG-2 (SET)
2U cable management ring, 44x100 mm 10 pieces, color grey (RAL 7035)
WMA 31x85 1-str.1U 19" sa 5 plastičnih prstenova 31x85 mm, rotatable, replaceable, grey (RAL 7035)
WMA cable manager 1U sa četkom za prolaz kab. SIVI 4x aluminum cable rings 44x60 mm, grey (RAL 7035)
DN-CT-10 met/20mm ČIČAK TRAKA-D for structured cabling, 10 m roll, color black
DN-19 ORG-3U
DN-19 ORG-3U Panel za prolaz kabela 3U 480x120 mm cable fixing tray, grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 ORG-3-1
Prsten vertik. za vođenje kab. 70x150mm set 10 kom 10 pieces, color grey (RAL 7035)
WMA cable manager 1U sa četkom za prolaz kab. SIVI brush size 27x423 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
WMA 40x60 1-str.1U VODILICA S POKLOPCEM-ral 7035 D detachable rear plate, color grey (RAL 7035)
KABEL 220/7 DIGITUS 19" 1U sa prekidačem i zaštit 16A Plug, 250VAC 50/60Hz, switch, surge Protection
KABEL 220/7 DIGITUS 19" 1U sa zaštitom, bez prek. 16A, 4000W, 250VAC 50/60Hz, overload protection
KABEL 220/7 Digitus Aluminium PDU, 16A , 2met 16A, 4000W, 250VAC 50/60Hz, 7x outlets CEE 7/7, 2m
KABEL 220/18 A-19-STRIP42-1 2x16A dual circuit, aluminum, 2x 16 A, circuit breaker
KABEL 220/7 DIGITUS 19" 1U sa prekidačem-D 16A, 4000W, 250VAC 50/60Hz, switch
KABEL 220/8, Digitus, 19", bez prekidača, bez pren 16A, 4000W, 250VAC 50/60Hz,
KABEL 220/8 Digitus,19" sa zaštitom kabel C14 crv. 10A Plug, 250VAC 50/60Hz, pre-fuse, IEC C14 plug
KABEL 220/12 sa prenaponskom zaštitom 1U Aluminium 2x 16A, 250VAC 50/60Hz, overload protection
KABEL 220/8 Digitus,19" sa zaštitom kabel C14 10A Plug, 250VAC 50/60Hz, IEC C14 plug, pre-fuse
KABEL 250/10 IEC C13 sa prenaponskom zaštitom sa I 10A, 2500W, 250VAC 50/60Hz, overl-prot.,1xC14
DN-19 KEY-1U
DN-19 KEY-1U ladica za tastaturu 44x481x400 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 KEY-3U
DN-19 KEY-3U ladica za tastaturu ral 7035 132x481x400 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 KEY-2U
DN-19 LADICA S KLJUČEM -2U 88x481x400 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 SET-S, vijak s maticom M6, 1/50, srebrni 50x silver screws, cage nuts and washers
DN-19-EARTH ŠINA IZJEDNAČENJA POTENCIJALA 6 connection points, incl. earthing leads
Castors for open racks and IP55 network racks set with 4 pieces, 2 pieces with brake system
VIJAK S MATICOM M6 1/50-D 50x black screws, cage nuts and washers
DN-19-LIGHT-MAGNET/RASVJETA ORMARA two sensor modi, incl. power adapter
Slide rails, L shape, for 600-800 mm depth racks adjustable 350-600 mm depth, set with 2 pieces
Rezervni dijelovi i vrata
DN-19 FEET, set od 4 nogice za kom. ormar, 1/4 adjustable height, 4 pieces
Paneli prazni
DN-19 BPN-02
DPFP2 BLENDA 2U 19" RAL 7035-SIVA color grey (RAL 7035)
DPFP Blank panel PVC Siva boja 1U color grey
DN-19 BPN-04
4U blank panel color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 BPN-01
DPFP1 BLENDA 1U 19" RAL 7035-SIVA color grey (RAL 7035)
DN-19 BPN-03
DPFP3 BLENDA 3U 19" RAL 7035-SIVA color grey (RAL 7035)